SiteGenerator Development Team

SiteGenerator® has been built in-house by cloudBuy. cloudBuy have created a number of major websites using new technologies, such as AbD Serotec, and London Theatre Direct.

cloudBuy's mission is to create cost effective technology that creates real business benefit. Companies such as eMapsite regard cloudBuy as one of their major competitive advantages.


The people who have worked tirelessly on the cloudBuy site to make it what it is today!

Ronald Duncan
Dr. Carol Thoraval
Mark Webber
Oliver Steiber
Annick Morris
Ken Shimmin
Ian Hodger
Bruce Ashton
Bengt Grahn
Diana Churchill
Barry Chandler
Dr. David Anderson
Varun Deo Panwar

Natalie O'Donovan
James Denbigh
Graham Fereday
Gavin Sayce
Darrell Martin
Varun Deo Panwar
James Turner-Blackman

Testing, Usability, Marketing
Brian Sellers
David Chellingsworth
Lyn Duncan
Tom Aspinal
Simon Roberts
Clive Williams
Terry Nicholas
Andy Gatland
Trish Hensman
Sarah Hill
Robert Brown
Chris Jones
Varun Deo Panwar

Project Management
Jonothan Holt

DSDM Methodology
Ian Smith