CMS Features

Content Control

Keep your content up to date. SiteGenerator CMS allows businesses to easily edit information in house for easier site maintenance and increased efficiency. Most content can be edited and updated with just basic word processing knowledge.

Different user settings allow you to create a variety of users with different permissions. Create better business cohesion by allowing some users to only edit and save content, whilst others can edit, publish and delete content.

A preview mode allows you to view all changes to your content before they go live. This ensures potential customers do not see any changes until you are completely happy with them. 

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

The number of people using their smartphones and tablets to browse and purchase goods and services online continues to grow. It is essential that business and organisations have a website that adapts to the number of different devices visitors could be using to reach their website. All SiteGenerator websites, whether templated or bespoke, come with responsive design as standard. 

Search Engine Optimisation

SiteGenerator allows you to quickly and easily update the title, description and keywords for each page on your site for easy search engine optimisation (SEO). This allows your business or organisation to appear higher up in search results. 

Web Based Dashboard

No extra software is needed to use SiteGenerator. Websites are built and edited entirely on the intuitive, web based dashboard. 

Bespoke Websites

Selected SiteGenerator packages include bespoke website design. Our in-house design team will work with you to build a website that reflects your organisation’s brand whilst adhering to best practice design standards. The design will be modern, responsive and accessible with an emphasis on user experience. 

Social Media Integration

SiteGenerator integrates with major social networks, allowing you to easily display your social feeds on your website. It's also simple to add social media sharing functionality to your website, allowing your visitors to share your site with other people.

Blogging Tool

Keep your website regularly updated by using the SiteGenerator Blogging Tool. Create a blog that matches the overall look and feel of your website. You can easily create posts, edit them and add images and other media within the CMS. Published blog posts can be set up to receive comments, with a CAPTCHA tool to minimise spam and increase genuine engagement. The SiteGenerator CMS can support multiple blogs if required.

Multimedia Library

SiteGenerator supports multiple media types, including images, videos and documents for download. Creating a website that uses a variety of different media types can increase engagement. The popularity of video content is increasing, and downloadable PDF documents can be a very useful tool for businesses.


Online sales continue to grow each year so most businesses will benefit from having an ecommerce enabled website. A dynamic shopping basket is included as standard with every ecommerce SiteGenerator website. The easy-to-use interface of SiteGenerator makes it simple to keep your digital sales channel up to date. 

Multilanguage Support

SiteGenerators supports websites that need to display information in multiple languages, a great option for organisations with a global presence. 


All SiteGenerator websites adhere to the W3C Accessibility accreditation, providing equal access to people with disabilities. 

Reports & Tracking

Monitor the growth of your SiteGenerator website with the CMS Reports and Tracking. Gain access to essential data such as page visits, unique visitors and the search terms people are using to reach your site. Track your sales with a variety of ecommerce reports and adapt your business strategies based on useful data. 


Should you need any help with your SiteGenerator website, the cloudBuy Support Team is here to help. The Team is friendly, experienced and available via phone or email. 


SiteGenerator integrates with other cloudBuy products, so those with a SiteGenerator website can easily apply to join cloudBuy marketplaces and Purchasing Portals and manage their catalogue from one place.